SunLED is an ISO9001 / ISO14001 certified manufacturer of Optoelectronic components. Since established in 1989, SunLED has become a premier leader in the Optoelectronic industry. SunLED's 3 manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen , China , with an employee base over 3,000 people. These factories produce more than 300 million LED Lamps, Surface Mount LEDs, and LED Displays every month using the latest technology and high-level engineering. At SunLED, not only do we provide fast delivery and excellent customer service, quality and reliability are the integral part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.

To meet increased international demand, SunLED established a Malaysia office in 1991, and a U.S. office in 1995. With these two stocking branch offices and network of sales representatives located strategically through out the world, SunLED can expedite product delivery and offer better customer service.





At SunLED, our goal is to continue to bring you the most reliable, highest quality Optoelectronic components in the industry. To ensure optimum performance, we require the best quality materials, the best quality control, and the best manufacturing processes. In fact, all our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certified. In every way possible, we're committed to being the best, so our customers can depend on us.

Since our focus is on LED products, we can provide the most competitive pricing and fastest delivery. We offer the scalability and flexibility that few other manufacturers can do. For example, we can package almost any color available in any of our existing LED packages without extremely high volume requirement or long lead time. Additionally, we have the capability to open customize tooling in-house to meet your requirements. At SunLED, we provide the most cost effective solutions, so customers remain motivated and keep returning for more.




From engineering and product design, to quality manufacturing, we devote majority of our resources to acquire latest manufacturing equipment to further expand and enhance our products. Here are just some of the reasons why people continue choosing SunLED over all other manufacturers:


• Competitive pricing.

• Short lead time. (most products have 4 weeks average lead time)

• Stringent quality control. ( ISO9001 / ISO14001 certified)

• High volume capability.

• Responsive customer & technical support.

• Wide selections of LED products.


Once you invest in us, you gain a long-term, reliable business partner that will guide you to success tthrough high quality products, dedicated technical services, and prompt customer support. You receive all of this from one source SunLED. We're clearly the premier Optoelectronic components leader you can rely on.